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All vB4 Mods Pack


Feb 8, 2009
IXI's Dynamic Signature Slide 
Staff Tracker 
User's Social Groups on Forum Home 
View all of a user's visitor messages 
Username HTML Markup - Header 
Add Pre-defined taglist to showthread page 
Letrin - Bbcode (By Megatekno) 
Logo Rotator 
Suppress-o-matic - Stop database error spam 
Dy-Display Thread Start Time v1.0 
First Post Editable Indefinitely 
Cel Sponsors/Subscribers on Forumhome 
Cel Social Groups Notifications 
Banned Users List 
HMBeaty's Advanced Memberlist Options 
Thread Auther Can't Rate His Thread 
My Threads & My Posts Links in a Drop-Down Menu 
Change Threads' Prefix Inline 
User Group Legend 1.4 (by Fred) 
Animated Flag's 4.0 
(Additional SEO Plugin) Add (rel="nofollow") To All links in Threads 
Add additional_css.css to all your pages 
Quick Email Finder 
Animated State flags for USA. 
Ajax album image rating 
Advanced Private Messages Options 
View Site/Forum Leaders Based On Usergroup Permissions 
Who Has Rated A Thread 
Add Ignore User To Postbit Dropdown 
EzIRC for vB4 
Google Adsense Privacy Policy (AJAX) 
Sort Forumdisplay by First Post Date 
Mail Admin When Fail To Login To Admincp 
[APM] Advanced Product Management 4.0.001 
Lower Breadcrumbs 
Add show albums to postbit dropdown 
Attachment Optimiser 
Forum Directory 
Tag Cloud on Forumdisplay 
Z - Custom What's Going On 
Z- Last-Random X Threads in What's Going On 
Code Alert existence of a private message in the Forum 
Gcbos 0.6.3 
vB 4.0 passiveVid version - (YouTube, Myspace, Google...) 
Dy-Username HTML Markup in Forumdisplay 1.1 
Highlight Threadstarter's Posts 
Extra Profile Fields Page 
Default Avatar 
Dy-Usergroup Legend On Forumhome 0.2 
Integrate vB Paid Subscriptions with Visichat 
vB 3.8 - 4.0 vB Facades: Different, multiple forums running off 1 vB installation 
JesusFreaks vB4 Url Shortener System 
Advanced Ipban Manager 
Members who have posted today. 
BBR - Welcome Thread Upon Registration 
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads 
Administrator Stats Index 
Today's Top Poster(s) 4.0 
Today's Top Thread Starter(s) 4.0 
EditPost Button Highlight in Postbit 
[vB4-beta4] Avatar Resize Fixed 
Username HTML Markup in Everywhere 
Z - Custom Site Closed 
JW Player: Flash Video Player [BBCode] - Any Version 
vBulletin Cron Based Database Backup 
VBH - Add New Tab 1.0 
MARCO1 Hide Thread Content - With excluding forum to hide content 
Danny Google AdSense Advertising V1 
"Find all started threads" in postbit & postbit_legacy dropdown 
PFC - Site Link Manager 
Forum Community Newsletter v1.0 
Links and Downloads Manager 
Guests show 'Guest' in the forumhome whois online list 
Members who are chatting in Flashchat 6 
Enhanced Reputation Checks 
Cron based e-mail sending 
Spiders In What's Going on 
Members who have registered today 
BBR - Useful Links on Member Action Dropdown 
AME'fy - enhance your member profiles 
BBR - Resize Images with lytebox v3.22 
HTTP Error Pages 4.0.0 
Move Inactive Users To New Usergroup 
Default User Text Formatting (font styling) . Zero Query! 
User Level 
User legend bar 
BF-Recent Topics 
iTrader 2.5.0 - New Generation 
Proxy to Real IP Conversion 
View Your Threads Or Posts From The Navbar 
BF-Easy Pages For vBulletin4 
MARCO1 Hide All 
MARCO1 Quick Admin Tools 
Miserable Users 
Shoujo-OTK UserGroup Legend (Highly Customizable) 
Z - Home ( Custom Home Button) 
Members who have visited today. 
Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages 
Track Guest Visits 
Display Reputation Comments on Members Profile Page 
MARCO1 Latest Forum Threads - Without Any Database Query! 
Dy-Subforum Manager 1.0 
Latest articles and the newest member 
Android / iPhone / Nokia app for vBulletin - Tapatalk 
Member Visit Tracking 
JesusFreaks Advanced Sponsor List With Mootools 1.2  
Hide Links from Guests 
JesusFreaks vB4 Email Signature Generation System  
vB Enterprise Translator 
IE6 Detector 
Panic Button 
JesusFreaks Ajax Guestbook 
New Latest Album Pictures - Forum Home 
JesusFreaks Picasa Gallery V1.1 
JesusFreaks Advanced Bumpbox platform With Mootools 1.2 
Official AddonChat Product 
Custom pages based on your vBulletin forum ! 
WoG - Threads Limit Per X Hours on Specified Forum 
Top Posters List 
Paypal Donation v0.0.2 
Modification System 2.5 
Resize Images with lytebox v3.22 
Avatar in Header 
Newsletter (Community Bulletin) VB4 ready no bugs 
[AJAX] Post Thank You Hack 
JesusFreaks Simple Active Bar 
microCMS (if your dont have the SUITE) 
vBSEO sitemap 2.6 beta 1 
JesusFreaks vB4 Contact Invitation System 
Yet Another Awards System 
[4.0] User Legend Color Bar [TheProphet] 
YAFB - Yay! Another Facebook Bridge 
MARCO1 Custom User Titles - Lets Your Members Choose There Second User Title 
YOBROMOFO-Flashing PM's 
[YUI] Tabbed Forum Home 
Flashchat 6 Integration For vBulletin 4.0 
vB Link Verifier Bot Lite 4.0.101 
List Reported Items 
Dynamic Navbarlinks 
Doublepost Prevention 
Admin Log In As User 
Move smilies to below text area (and optionally add to Quick Reply) 
SteamProfile Integration 
passiveVid - (YouTube, Myspace, Google...) 
VSa - Advanced 'New Posts' 
microMEMBERS (A much better Memberlist) 
[AJAX] - Advanced Forum Statisticss 4.02 
Limited Guest Viewing -- Motivate Guests to Register Mod Version: 2.0.6 
Sub-Forum Manager 4.0 
VSK - Virtual Screen Keyboard 
Inferno vBShout Pro v2.5.2 - vB4 
Point Market System 
VSa - Check If Already Posted 
VSa - Login To User Account 
Sorky - SubForum List Control 2.0.0 
Quick Auto Image-Resize (Posts & Signature) 
uCash 4.0.0 
microCLASSIFIEDS (General Classifieds) 
ibProArcade- professional Arcade System 2.7.0+ 
[AJAX] Helpful Answers - Allow Users To Rate Individual Posts