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Windows 7 Ultimate Edition OEM (32-bit/64-bit)


Feb 8, 2009

Microsoft? Windows 7 (Seven) Ultimate Edition (x86/x64) ACTiVATED
- Type : Operated system.
- Release date : 22. October 2009.
- Status : [email protected]?K?D
- Platforms : x86-32, x64-64, EM64T.
- Version : x86/32-bit | x64/64-bit.
- Build : 7600 RTM (Final).
- Service Pack : Not available at the moment.
- Licence type : OEM.
- Activation : Not required.
- Serial : Not required.
- Language : English.

- Download and extract using WinRAR.
- Use NERO to burn the ISO image called "about7Ux86-x64"
- Burning speed should not be faster than 4x. Otherwise, it might not work.
- Restart your computer.
- Make sure you've selected your DVD-ROM/RW drive as a first boot device
* Enter the BIOS pressing the DEL button, set the option, insert your Windows 7 installation and restart computer.
- The black screen will appear (image 01).
- Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.... (by pressing the key you're entering the setup)
- Select your language, time and currency and keyboard input (optionaly)
- Click install now
- Choose your edition (x86 is 32-bit, x64 is 64-bit) depending of CPU type you have.
*Choose x64 if you have 64-bit processor.
- Click "I accept".
- Click "Custom (advanced).
- Choose your partition/hdd drive where Win7 should be installed and click format.
*You might get some error if you have two or more hard disks with different connectors (ATA and SATA).
If you get an error, turn off one of your hard disks and repeat the whole proces.
- After formatting, setup will continue automatically and it will finish after 15-30 min.
- Next step would be username (Image 17).
- Type your password (if you want).
- When you get the screen for CD-KEY just ignore it leaving blank.
*Uncheck the box for automatically activation and click next.
- Choose the third option for next step.
- Select your time zone.
- Select your current location (Home is recommended).
- The black CMD windows will appear. Wait a few seconds until computers restarts once again.
- And that would be all about installation. You're in Windows now.


- It's not required, because it's OEM. Windows will be premanently activated.
However, it's well known that there is some problems with DELL and HP machines.
So if you have issues with pre-activation you'll be forced to some activator to activate Windows 7.

Both ultimate versions integrated into one ISO file

Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64-bit
How to extract file .00aa, .00ab,... OR .001, .002,...
- Move all files to D:\Win7
- Go to Start/Run type: CMD
- Type: cd D:\Win7
{Change directory to D:\Win7}
- Final type:
cat about7Ux86-x64.iso.* > about7Ux86-x64.iso
Use Total Commader to join files
Download here:
about7Ux86-x64.iso.00aa --> about7Ux86-x64.iso.001
about7Ux86-x64.iso.00ab --> about7Ux86-x64.iso.002
about7Ux86-x64.iso.00bj --> about7Ux86-x64.iso.035
And then use HJSPLIT to join files
Download here:
Kush di anglisht le ta shqiperoj per ata qe sdine nese ka kohe